Monday, September 17, 2012

Moving Over to Wordpress

I've been hemming and hawing about moving this blog from here to a WordPress site for months (years?) now. True to form, I researched the pros and cons, thought about it, researched some more, played around with WordPress, debated, researched and then just absent-mindedly abandoned the idea. Something brought it all back to mind a few weeks ago and I reopened the process. Today I was in between the playing around with WordPress stage and the debating stage when it hit me that I'm just wasting more time--I just needed to do it.

So, it's done. This new encaustic obsession doesn't seem to be going away and putting everything under the adaptive reuse brand seems a bit wonky. Along with moving over to WordPress, I'm coming out from behind the brands and going with the one thing that seems to connect all my interests--me.

Please head on over to my new blog at I'm going to keep this one parked here for now, but probably won't be adding content. The new blog is pretty bare bones, but I guess that's the nature of new.

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