Monday, May 14, 2012


I've been playing around with encaustics for a while now, but recently I forced my own hand. I've had this idea that I would paint in my "free" time, yet, amazingly(!), that free time never materialized. I got a few small experiments out here and there, but nothing ever amounted to more than that.

A few months back, WEST (the brand new west-side version of EAST) was announced. Since my friend Holli was planning to participate, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to join her and a great chance to show only encaustic paintings. The fact I had NO (zero, zip, nada!) finished encaustic paintings didn't really register at that point. With five days left before the show, I'm officially and publicly acknowledging my foolhardiness. However, in the face of adversity and in acknowledgement of those earlier brave souls, we press on!

Clearly, I don't really have enough finished pieces to make a complete show, but now I'm also realizing very late in the game there are a whole lot of things to do to finalize an art show. I have the jewelry thing down to a science at this point, so I guess I had fooled myself into thinking I could apply that knowledge here. The only differences sounded pretty straightforward--complete some paintings, hang 'em on a wall and slap some prices on 'em. Done. Ahhhhh, yeah--not so fast.
True to form, I also made the mistake of doing a bit of research. Two hours in, a lightbulb finally goes off--this is a whole 'nuther world. One filled with endless DOs and DON'Ts, standards, practices, ethics, tips, tricks and other sundry details. Do I make prints of the originals? If so, do I make only limited editions? At what sizes? On which sorts of paper? How will I price my prints versus the originals? How will I package and present the prints? How do I present the originals? Framed? Unframed? Painted edges? What color? Black? White? Natural? Will they all have titles? No titles? It is truly an avalanche of information.

Since at heart I'm a satisficer, I'm not often overwhelmed by these sorts of situations. I generally see all options as viable, the key always being to just pick one and go with it. I have to admit though, all these possibilities are starting to weigh on me. I will plow through and get it done, but I know at 10am on the 19th I will walk into the studio and recognize I probably went about it all wrong. Just another Valuable Learning Experience heading my way.
Holli and I will be set up at her lovely home studio at stop No. 149 on Taulbee Lane both Saturday the 19th and Sunday the 20th from 11am to 6pm. She will be exhibiting her fabulous mosaic work alongside her lovely broken plate jewelry line, Dish It Out!. We're excited to have some ongoing demos for both mosaic and encaustic work and will be inviting folks to try their hand at both mediums. Holli will also have sections of the Shipe Park Mural on display. It's really interesting to see how a large scale public art project gets completed inch by painstakingly beautiful inch.
Please do check out the West Austin Studio Tour map. There are over 150 stops with twice that many artists' work to see. It's the manifest destiny version of EAST, and sure to be fun and inspiring.

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lunedreams said...

LOVE those poppy-like line drawings. Love what they add to the whole thing.