Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mini Maker Faire This Weekend

Be sure to leave some time in your busy ATX weekend schedule for a visit to the Maker Faire this Saturday, May 12. (512!) It looks like a great lineup of makers and vendors at the Pine Street Station location. I'll be there for a bit wandering about and then later (1pm) in my official capacity leading a workshop on, you guessed it, "Turning Old Tins Into Jewelry." If this doesn't inspire you, maybe one of these will:

Learn to Solder
Make Your Own Infinity Mirror
Make Seed Balls
Build a Mini Living Wall
Weird Things You Can Do with Homemade Gummy

If nothing else, you have to come in order to see the full size, fully remote R2-D2.
Putting the Faire together was a big undertaking and handled completely at the local level. Be sure to spread the word and come on out to see some of the amazing things your neighbors are up to.

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