Thursday, March 1, 2012

Upcycler of the Month -- Valerie Mann

wood, found objects, 13"w x 8'h x 2" deep, by Valerie Mann
I've been meaning to post about Valerie's work for a while now, but holidays, post holiday de-stashing and new interests have all gotten in the way.

Mann works in a range of materials but is generally focused on reuse and reconceptualization. Potluck from her "Evening Bags for the Midwestern Woman" series was the first of her pieces I came across. I was immediately struck by the images of stale church rooms and greasy casseroles the piece conjured for me. I didn't really have many of those moments as a kid, but apparently enough that one amazing piece of art could dredge them all up. That's one of those fabulously powerful things about good art.
All images © Valerie Mann
To find out more about one of her recent installations, Fortunes, check out this great interview.

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