Monday, February 27, 2012

freeArt ATX

I was cleaning out email the other day and I came across this interesting article in a recent Cloth Paper Scissors newsletter. Apparently the project was inspired by an article on guerrilla art by Fred Free. Basically they just requested 6" x 6" collages (or other flat art) from folks all over the world. They collected up the pieces over a few week then chose a day to stand on a corner in NYC to hand out freeArt to anyone who passed by. Lovely and simple. Too lovely and simple to NOT replicate here in Austin as well.

Originally I thought it might be fun to hand out freeArt during the craziness of SXSW, but after a bit of research, I realized it would be more interesting to tie it to National Arts Advocacy Day in April. Their mission is to "to serve, advance, and lead the network of organizations and individuals who cultivate, promote, sustain, and support the arts in America." That works for me.

So, now I need your help to spread the word--Facebook, Twitter (#freeArtATX), Pinterest, email. The more people we can engage in both the making and receiving of freeArt the better. The only requirements are that the finished piece is six by six inches, your contact info is on the back (but not necessary if you would rather be anonymous), and it gets to me by April 11. You don't have to be a professional artist. You don't have to work in any particular medium. You don't have to spend a lot of time laboring over your piece. You should send as many pieces as you like. You should encourage any kids you know to participate. You should have fun. You should contact me by leaving a comment below if you have any other questions.

I don't have a big plan, but I think I am going to get clear plastic sleeves to protect the art and to supply folks with a bit of info about the project and about arts advocacy. I'll get my kids and any other interested folks together to distribute the art to people at a couple of prime ATX locations. NAA day is on the 16 and 17th of April, so those are our target days. We'll take some pictures and maybe I'll even get all technical and upload a video of some of the fun.

Sometime between now and then, I'm planning to host a freeArt making day (featuring upcycled supplies, of course!) here at the adaptive reuse headquarters, so stay tuned for more info on that. I also have one other nascent idea, but I have to work out some details to see if I can actually pull it off. If I figure it all out, you'll be the first to know.

Send your freeArt to:
Christine Terrell
P.O. Box 301329
Austin, Texas 78703

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