Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Austin Creative Reuse -- Official!

After months of preliminary work and lots of paperwork, the good folks at Austin Creative Reuse have secured their nonprofit status. I'm pretty excited for them and for us all. Surprisingly, Austin is behind the curve on this one. Now all we need is a resident artist program through Solid Waste Services and we'll be on par with San Francisco.
The ACR folks' inaugural event will tie in with the East Austin Studio Tour in November. Though their primary goal has always been to open a sustainable, permanent reuse center, a small center will be set up in the complex at 701 Tillery St. to start the process of collecting and redistributing materials. Here is a list of the items they will be accepting then and during the as-yet-to-be-determined collection day in late October.

• Cardboard rolls (toilet paper and paper towel)
• Fabric scraps
• Egg cartons
• Bags (plastic, paper, or cloth)
• Beads
• Craft, art and sewing Supplies
• Yarn + Knitting Supplies
• Fabric (as long as it has never been used as bedding or clothing)
• Picture Frames
• Paper (Including wrapping paper, matboard, foam board)
• Corks, Bottle Caps + Twist Ties
• Craft Magazines, National Geographic, Art Magazines
• Candles + Wax
• Stickers
• Records, CDs, VHS, Cassette Tapes, Floppy Disks
• Sterile, Unused Lab Equipment
• Tile, Glass, Wood Flooring

For more details and updates on this and other upcoming events, be sure to sign up for their newsletter.

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