Saturday, September 3, 2011

Steel Here

I've written lots of post this last month, but never got a chance to actually sit down and type them in. I've also been working (some) and cooking up new ideas (a few), but mostly when I've had any free time (almost none) I've been playing with steel wire.
Why steel wire? It's not recycled but it is relatively "green." Mostly I just love the fact it's not precious and essentially a different version of the material I'm already using. I'm also really enamored with its oxidized silver look. I hadn't thought much about wire at all until I found Steel Wire Jewelry by Brenda Schweder while hiding hanging out for a bit at Barnes & Noble during a weekend-long family wedding extravaganza.

If I'd had any wire working skills to start with, I'm pretty sure I'd have a bunch of cool pieces by now. Instead I mostly have multiple bins all looking a lot like this:
I have managed to put together a few pieces that don't totally suck, though I'm still not completely satisfied with those either. I'm getting really intrigued with these simple wire frames around the tin, so I think I'll be digging deeper into that for a while. Working with wire has also piqued my interest in chains. Mostly I've been pretty spare with chain and have generally focused on creating simple pendants, but with wire the variety is pretty endless--as long as you're willing to commit the time! Though I don't suspect I'll ever make all my chain by hand, I am enjoying the ability to add more complexity to the pieces with a mix of handmade and manufactured links.


Stephanie said...

I love these new steel wire pieces and where can I get one?

adaptive reuse said...

Thanks for the great feedback, Stephanie. I'll be at the Austin Flea on Saturday the 10th from 11 to 5 and then again next weekend outside of Guero's on Sunday from noon to 6.