Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I seem to have a limited number of childhood memories. Truthfully, I have a limited number of memories period. I worried about this for a while, but after watching The Secret Powers of Time, a talk by Professor Philip Zimbardo, I realized I'm just a present/future thinker. I don't spend much time thinking about what's past and, consequently, I don't review the information enough to hold on to the memories.
Of the few memories of DO have, art supplies figure prominently. I think I've mentioned before that I spent hours coloring in those geometric pattern books. I also remember my Learn to Draw with John Gnagy set. Though I did spend a lot of time using the cool charcoal pencils and strange erasers, I never really learned to draw--a fact I didn't really understand until I got to college.

The other strong childhood memory I have involves the king of all all art supplies--Spirograph (which was cleverly packaged and marketed as a toy, BTW). God how I loved those plastic gears. I think I even had the deluxe set with the odd shaped pieces--one that looked like a tongue depressor, one football shaped and another that was more like a ninja star. I remember being frustrated by the usability of those weird shapes, but it didn't matter because all those circle-y ones were more than enough to hold my attention.
Now that I have kids of my own, Spirograph is back in my life. Though they show some inclination to play around with it, they by no means rise to my own Dedicated User status. Which is why I felt perfectly okay with co-opting their little set and adding it to my tool box. I'm realizing that as fun as it was to draw on paper with different colored pens, it's equally, if not more, intriguing to etch patterns into the finish on tins. It is a bit trickier, however. I have a few pieces sporting the oh-so-recognizable designs and a fair amount of tin relegated to the recycle bin. I'm hoping to get the technique down and add some more pieces over the summer.

Speaking of Spirographs, if you haven't yet caught the Human Spirograph, you may enjoy this video.

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