Monday, June 13, 2011

Flea-ting Fame

As always, The Austin Flea at the Highball was fun, fun, fun. It's always a great mix of locally made goodness and people who are just so pleasant to spend time with.

This time around KXAN showed up to do a little piece about the show and the movement afoot to create pop-up shops to help artists connect to the community while they do a little sellin'. Kristin, the super-fab organizer of the show, asked several different artists if they would like the opportunity to be interviewed on camera. Apparently, no one saw this as an opportunity, so each declined. When she got around to me, I could see she was a little worried about getting someone to partake. I'm not a big fan of being on camera either, but I figured I could stumble through with the best of them. Plus, I like Kristin and didn't like seeing her look so stressed. (I realized later she was mostly stressed because SHE was also going to be interviewed!)

I've only been on TV twice and each time was pretty much a C- performance. My last appearance involved being asked to comment on a two-headed teddy bear made by another artist. Ostensibly I was there to talk about my own work, so was a bit startled by this off-the-cuff request. I quickly discarded the four really bad answers that sum up my thoughts about the reconstituted stuffed animals, and re-directed the question back to the show organizer who was standing next to me. A crisis was averted, but it was by no means a stellar performance.

This time a young guy and a big camera set up beside my booth to film a little 'action' footage first. Then he asked me a few questions relating to my work, the Flea and the business of craft. I knew the full two or three minutes would not be on air, but it's always interesting to see how things like this get edited and stitched together. I think the gist of the piece mirrors my answers that yes, the economy is slower, but people seem to be buying more thoughtfully with small, local businesses, so it evens out somewhat. But I'm not 100% sure. See what you think.

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