Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Craft In America -- Featuring Thomas Mann

If you've not yet caught any of these Craft in America episodes on PBS, I highly recommend you check them out. Each episode is structured around a theme and the individuals profiled are given center stage. Questions are asked off camera and are unknown to the viewer, so it set me a bit off-kilter at first, but I quickly started to enjoy the effect of just hearing the artist talk about their process while watching them
work. I wish more reality TV was like this.
Tonight's episode features one of my favorite jewelry designers and artists, Thomas Mann:
"The segment of the show on Tom features New Orleans prominently as the inspirational context for his life and work. His work in sculpture and jewelry design is covered along with his studio and gallery operations at his Magazine Street location. It also follows him as he conducts a bicycle visitation of the many post-Katrina sites around the city that inspired the pieces in his traveling exhibition STORM CYCLE. Video clips of this portion of the segment and more are also posted on PBS.org."
Tuesday, May 24, 8PM (Check local listings or PBS website for exact time.)

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