Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Austin Art Yard Tour

This weekend is the second annual Art Yard Tour featuring more than two dozen area arty yards. Judging by the photos on the site, this tour is an upcycler's dream. Lots of reused, reinterpreted, reinvented and reimagined goodness to be had. It is a self guided tour with yards "open" on Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm and Sunday from noon to 5. (Not all yardists want you on the property, so if it's got a blue marker out front, make sure to just appreciate the creativity as you walk or drive by.)

The City is on a code enforcement binge at the moment, so several of these yards may not be here next year. One of the most visited art spaces during EAST, that of mightily talented and much-loved Barry George, has been under scrutiny for several months now. It's quite possible the City is going to force this and other studios around town to shut their doors. It's hard to Keep it Weird when you can't keep it.

Photos from Austin Art Yards
Learn more about code compliance issues.

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