Tuesday, March 8, 2011

RISE Austin

If you haven't yet made it to any of the RISE events, there is still time. You don't have to be an entrepreneur, but if you're in any way affiliated with the business world--and really, who isn't in this day and age--there is bound to be something
worthy of your hour and a half. The rest of the week is chock full of great presentations.
Some that sound particularly interesting tomorrow:
Strategic PR for Small Business
Quit Your Job and Write a Book… Or Maybe Not!
The Successful Entrepreneur's Two-Word Secret
Finding Your True Calling
Thursday is Women Entrepreneur day:
Remaining Authentic in Your Life and Business
Work-Life Balance and Your Bottom Line:  How to Work Less & Make More
Career Transition: From Corporate Security to Entrepreneurism
Salary Negotiation Best Practices
My First Year in Business: 10 Things I wish I knew in 2009
Social Media for Artists & Creatives
There are tons more to choose from and they are all free to attend. Just go to the website and register for the sessions you're interested in.

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