Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mighty Green(washed)

I don't normally let this sort of thing bother me, but I'm noticing a marked uptick in greenwashing and it is really starting to get under my skin. I get the fact that it's all hip to recycle, reuse and--dare I say--upcycle these days, but the Mighty Wallet is none of those things. Yet, a first glance when you're strolling through the stocking stuffer isles at the Container Store you think, "Holy cow, a recycled tyvek wallet!" I know you do, because I did, and it's pretty hard to fool me. Of course, two milliseconds later your brain kicks in and you remember you're in the Container Store. 

A more thorough inspection of the wallet bin revealed that the "recycleable" wallets come in four different designs. The fact that tyvek wallets are now being mass manufactured doesn't really bother me too much. Tyvek is a cool material that is incredibly durable and perfectly suited to the task of holding cash and credit cards. What gets me is the Mighty Wallet folks could have chosen to use bright, fun patterns or owls or mustaches, but they did not. They have gone out of their way to print designs that look random, marked up and reused. (I can't even begin to articulate all the issues I have with their sadly ironic ransom note inspired Stop Shopping wallet). Though the dozens of tiny green recycled logos on the Dynomighty Design site would have you believe otherwise, printing a hundred thousand yards of tyvek, manufacturing it into wallets, packaging it in cardboard and then distributing it (assumably from China) around the globe is not green or eco-friendly or worth your $14.99. Or maybe it is, because I suspect the Container Store will sell a Pacific Gyre-ful this season.

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Shabnam said...

drives me nuts as well. Have seen bags made to look like they are made out of old plastic posters. defeats the whole purpose...