Thursday, October 21, 2010

Not Garbage

“Trash is the failure of imagination.”  --Aaron Kramer

Oh my god! I'm in love. I don't know Aaron Kramer, but I hope he's cute because I want to have his babies. I'm sure our respective spouses would understand. Oh, wait, I don't want to have any more babies. Dang! I guess I'll just have to lust after his philosophy, oh, and his work.

Aaron Kramer

I'm sure I'm late to the party on this guy as well, but I have to mention him nonetheless. Partly because he came up with the best upcycling quote ever, partly because his work is just generally so intriguing, but mostly I'm posting now because I came across his "Boats." You might recognize them as the vesica pisces that I have been so fascinated with of late. Coincidence? Syzygy? Random Chance?
Boat Close Up

Kramer's work exemplifies one of the things I'm most attracted to in the work of found object artists--inherent variety. That egalitarian approach to the use and reuse of materials is what keeps the work of upcyclers' fresh. The added benefit for me is that I'm never faced with a blank canvas.
On the flip side, it's a bit difficult to identify and succinctly describe what Kramer "does." He does popsicle sticks and wooden bowls and corks and wire and washers and bowling pins and broom handles and bristles from street sweepers--and he does them all fantastically. I guess that's the art part.
“There’s a distinct difference between trash and garbage. Trash is ooh, and garbage is eww. Trash is something that has a potential reuse.”  --Aaron Kramer

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