Thursday, October 7, 2010

First Thursday & ACL Festival Shows

If you live in Austin you are either looking to this weekend full of anticipation or dread. The Austin City Limits music festival has become a great articulation of those things you love to hate. I have to say, I'm all for just about anything that inspires a critical mass of creative energy and am even generally willing to suffer the side affects (traffic, trash, hipsters), but really, The Eagles? I can't really take ACL quite so seriously going forward.

That said, I'm totally taking advantage of the increased warm bodiage. South Austin literally pulses with people on the hunt--for great music, awesome food, cowboy boots, sunshine--whatever signifies a little piece of the ATX mystique for that individual. Though I can't really envision ever setting up shop on the festival grounds, I'm happy to be part of the spillover. Hanging in the lot between Guero's and their beer garten is the perfect place to take in some of the vibe without being pressed up against 80,000 other humans. I'm stocking up on everything Lone Star and Texas shaped, but of course I'll also have a bunch of things that have nothing at all to do with my adopted state.

If you're not quite ready to body surf through your weekend, you might be inclined to hang on S. Congress tonight for what is sure to be the First Thursday with the best weather of the year. A small group of us will be in the lot right next to the Snack Bar restaurant. The whole street should be alive with music, food and fun events. Last month an impromptu vintage VW parade moseyed on by. There will definitely be something for everyone, so plan to come out for some of the weirdness.

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