Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I got home today to find an order in my inbox for some cuff links. Something a bit out of the ordinary since not many people order cuff links, since not many people wear cuff links. You might wonder why I make cuff links given these facts. My only excuse is that I really like cuff links. I love a shirt with a good French cuff and I wish more men (or women!) would go back to wearing them. Seems unlikely in ATX, but I can dream. So, making cuff links that are more than just dots of silver, gold or black is my small contribution to revitalizing the eschewed French cuff.

My continued flirtation with the lowly (but oh-so-versitile!) beer cap has lead me to the bottle cap/cuff link combo that I think might just have hit the mark. My work was passed along to the good folks at Thrillist the other day and today I see that my Lone Star cuff links are on their front page. Very exciting.

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