Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dipping Into Some of the Stash

I found a little baggie of vintage bottle caps at the thrift store about a month ago, but have just now gotten a chance to put together this bracelet. If only I could thank the cap collector for their perfectly curated group of weathered warm reds, silvery grays and creamy whites.

This bracelet is somewhat different from the others I've made so far. The chain is a bit more delicate and the head pins were created with my most recently acquired tool--the micro torch. It's very satisfying to flick a switch and melt wire into little balls. I've got big plans for this little guy. I also figured out how to make nifty toggle clasps, so look for more soon.
After I punched all the bottle caps for the bracelet I had a few really cool rings left on the workbench. I played around with various ideas over the course of a few days, then remembered the bag of vintage resistors I had stashed on the back of a shelf. I pulled it out and dug through for a few with red stripes. The colored bands mean something specific to circuit designers, but to me they are just colorful nuggets of goodness that come complete with wire sticking out of each end. How perfect is that? I added a few links of silver, a couple of jump rings and a clasp to create another necklace of remainders.


Karen Fitzgerald said...

Christine---these are really great pieces. You just keep getting better and better! I really, really like this stuff.

Campbell Jane said...

These are fantastic and vintage little treasures to boot! Love them!

Mary Newton Designs said...

I love it! Jewelry leftovers!