Friday, July 23, 2010


It takes so little to make me happy. (I'm sure my husband would beg to differ.) Found this awesome tin today at one of my favorite haunts. I have one from years back and just the other day sadly punched the last few circles from my remaining scrap. How Law of Attraction-y that I would come across this today.

It is a 70s era reproduction of a vintage Avon tin. I guess that would now be considered retro-vintage. I have another that I adore as well. Both have the most beautiful (and difficult to find) shades of dusty aqua.
It just occurred to me to search vintage talc tins. Should I be surprised to find a site completely dedicated to selling vintage and antique powder tins? Or a complete encyclopedia of Avon collectibles? No, I should not be surprised, but I am.

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