Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Upcycler of the Month--Flippin Retire

Friend and neighbor Lee Anne Gardner-Warrenfells has just opened up her online shop, Flippin Retire. She makes planters from old tires, but before you roll your eyes and click somewhere else, let me assure you--these are not your memaw's tire planters by the mailbox. Lee Anne has taken what I've always considered a bit white trash-y (don't go gettin' all offended, we had tire planters in our own white trash yard) and literally turned it into high art. Well, not super high, but some of them are about 3 feet high.

Not only do they look stunning, she's put a ton of effort into finding just the right paint for the job. Some of her tires have been under the Texas sun for three years now and the colors still look incredibly vibrant. Of course, I also love the fact that she's upcycling tires found on the roadside. It's just about the perfect articulation of 'trash to treasure.'

And if all of that's not enough, she's even figured out a way to use the remnant pieces as super fun decorative elements and mirrors.
You can see more examples of her work or order online at her new website. She's also participating in a garage sale this weekend at 1300 E. 29th Street. Stop by to see what she has in stock or order a couple made just for you.


Anonymous said...

What kind of paint do you use on the tires? I am very interested in making these!

adaptive reuse said...

Hi Kai-You would have to get in touch with Flippin Retire. ( I think it is a special formulation that may or may not be something they are willing to divulge.