Monday, June 7, 2010


I just found these 5 minutes ago and have to post something here. We've had a robot building station in the garage for a year or so now. What's a robot building station? A couple of bins filled with all the cartons, containers, lids and detritus of modern American living which are not recyclable but too cool for the trash. I love that the kids and their friends regularly pull stuff out and assemble various objets d'art, but I've had and ongoing issue with the tape consumption involved in the process. Enter Makedo.
Sets run from $25 to $120, so not cheap--but probably less than the cost of miles of tape. I like that the limited number will encourage deconstruction of their artwork. (It's nearly impossible to convince a kid that every piece is not a masterpiece needing to be saved for posterity) As long as we can keep track of them, they can be used indefinitely. But the real clincher for me--the hinges. They rock. I'm going to suck it up and buy these. For the kids. Yeah. For the kids.

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