Thursday, April 8, 2010

Upcycling Unfiltered

Wow. I don't have any idea if this piece is actually usable--not that you would want to--but it's a pretty amazing example of what can be made from absolute trash. A rug made from cigarette butts. Puerto Rico's Jesus Bubu Negron created the piece for the Sharjah Biennale with accompanying documentation of the street cleaners who collected the butts and assistants who helped with fabrication.
Amazingly, Negron is not the only person working with this medium. Tom Deininger has used them in several sculptures. I'm not sure which is more impressive Filter Rabbit or Shell.
© 2010 Tom Deininger
Terracycle is also thinking about getting in on the action. There seems to be some interest in collecting the butts on a large scale and recycling them into some as yet unknown product. Any ideas? Leave a comment here.

From Mother Nature Network

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