Thursday, March 11, 2010

What a Friend!!

It's hard to imagine that anyone would let go of these fabulous one and a half inch vintage metal circles, but my friend Edmo insists they are mine. I'm a bit intimidated by their vintage wonderfulness, so I'm going to set them aside until I can figure out the perfect design. I'm leaning toward a bracelet or necklace, but maybe something else will strike me. I do know that having these in my possession only heightens my extreme lust for a hydraulic press. Anyone got one lying around you're ready to get rid of??


cre8ivecrafter said...

I am drooling over the thought of a press myself - been drooling for about 10 years now, lol...
until then - I will just keep cutting out my metal by hand (or when I get to borrow a disc cutter). It takes longer - but it is possible.
What SWEET gift to be given circles pre-cut out of tins!... I am also an avid tin collector and jeweler. Glad to have "found" you on the web. :-)

adaptive reUse said...

it occurred to me to set up a google alert for "used bonny doon press." so far no luck. I guess once you have one you would never give it up.

Cutting by hand works, but there is just something so wonderfully precise about a punched circle.

Thanks for commenting!