Thursday, February 11, 2010

Upcycler or the Month--Jean Shin

I found this via a Google alert the other day on The Scrap Exchange blog. It is yet another example of an artist following the "enough of anything is art" principle.

The work speaks for itself, but here is some info from her site:

Jean Shin is nationally recognized for her monumental installations that transform castoff materials into elegant expressions of identity and community.  Working in a variety of mediums, she collects vast accumulations of singular objects—prescription pill bottles, sports trophies, sweaters—which she alters into conceptually rich sculptures, videos and site-specific installations.  Distinguished by her meticulous, labor intensive process of amassing her materials from various communities, her arresting installations reflect the individuals’ personal lives as well as collective issues that we face as a society.


 All images from the Jean Shin's site.

I encourage you to check out more on her site. She works with a wide range of ideas and materials. I found it all fascinating.

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