Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Highest & Best Use--Fashion Backward Sweaters

I met one of the owners of Yarn Harvest a few months back and meant to blog about this great idea at the time, but somehow got distracted. That never happens to me. I just don't understand it. Squirrel! Where was I? Oh yeah, I came across them again today and am following my new mantra: ACT!
Image courtesy The Ugly Sweater Project, Flikr
Located here in (lately not so) warm and sunny ATX, these folks un-knit. That's it. They find old sweaters destined for *gasp* the LANDFILL, and--through a series of highly secretive, patented techniques*--turn them back into 100% wool yarn. Check out some of the beautiful offerings. I don't knit, but this stuff makes me wish I did. You can find the yarn online or around town at a few select locations.

If you pick some up, be sure to email them your creations so they can post them on their blog.

*Okay, I made that up. I think they find an end piece and then pull.** Hmm, maybe they will hire my kids. It would be like a reverse sweatshop.

**Actually, I just checked their About page more closely and realize they SHOULD have a patent on the technique. If you were thinking of collecting up some ugly thrift store sweaters and going into business for yourself, you'll rethink that nefarious plan after reading about their process.

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