Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Stitch Lab is Fab!

If you don't yet know about The Stitch Lab you will soon. It is getting more press than Tiger Woods. Well, that may be slight hyperbole, but Leslie Bonnell's latest iteration of her studio/classroom/fabric shop is note worthy. I'd tell you all about it here, but the people over at Apartment Therapy have done such a good job I'm just going to send you their way.
  Some of the great fabrics in stock at The Stitch Lab

I will tell you that the official Grand Opening and Craftivty Scene holiday art show and party will be happening both Saturday and Sunday this weekend from noon to 8pm. The Lab will be open and filled with local artists and designers with their wares. Some of whom also teach amazing classes at the Lab throughout the year. It guaranteed to be a fun weekend filled with lots of tasty treats for your eyes and your tummy. Be sure to stop by to get some last-minute, locally made goodness for the people you treasure.


Anonymous said...

hello~nice to meet u..............................

Natalie Tischler, Ornamental Things said...

Christine, I had so much fun being your neighbor at Stitch Lab! Hope you had a great Christmas. Look forward to seeing you in 2010! Happy New Year, my friend.