Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Just In Time for E.A.S.T!

I was following some random links from a google alert and stumbled upon the Ghosts of the Great Highway blog by artist and designer Robert Mars. He posted a few weeks back about the Art Critique Phrase Generator. Do you enjoy the art experience but feel inadequately prepared to talk the talk? No more. Just type a random 5-digit number into the Generator and you'll be able to simultaneously amaze your friends and ingratiate yourself with the starving artists! Bookmark it on your iphone before you head out for the East Austin Studio Tour.

I typed in my area code and got:

"I'm surprised that no one's mentioned yet that the mechanical mark-making of the gesture contextualize the eloquence of these pieces."

I wish I had had this in art school.

Images © Robert Mars

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Beth H said...

omg, that "art critique phrase generator" sounds awesome! i also wish i'd had that in art school. : )