Sunday, November 15, 2009

E.A.S.T. -- Day One

Day one of E.A.S.T. was great fun. We had a good, steady stream of tour-ists and the mild, sunny fall weather had everyone in an up mood. I had an extra piece of MDF lying around, so we decided to have a big mosaic piece for people to work on during their vist. Holli brought a bunch of supplies, so people got to break dishes, cut tile into tiny pieces and glue them to our giant EAST design.

I had my bad ass circle punch out out for people to try, but forgot to take any action shots. People are always hesitant at first, but I load up some metal and tell 'em to go for it. Everyone takes a tentative little hammer strike at first and then I tell them to hit it like they mean it. Once they punch the circle their faces light up and almost every one asks where to get the tool. It's very satisfying to create a perfect circle of metal with a piece of steel and a hammer.

We'll be open again on Sunday at 10am, so be sure to stop by if you're out and about.

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