Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Playing with the blog

Wow. This html thing is pretty cool. It's made much cooler when a bunch of other smart people and google do all the work for you. I started out (just!) wanting to add another column to this thing, but of course got all sidetracked and focused on things like background colors and rounded corners. It's not perfect, but I do like having another column. Now I need to go look at other blog layouts to figure out how to refine this so it's a bit more to my liking. These are the sorts of places where my graphic design background is more of a hindrance. I get all caught up on minutia of things like how to add 2 pixels of 'padding' to the text so it isn't jammed up next to the edge of its black background box. My prioritizing is just stellar lately. I'm quitting for now, but if you've got suggestions, make sure to leave a comment.

A big thanks to those responsible for all the helpful tutorials and tricks I found on these sites:


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Kimberly-Ann said...

Ahh, I learnt html during a long spell of sickness in high school and know what you mean - I learnt a few bits here and there and then decided to go buy a book - one of those 'learnt html in 24 hrs' things then spent ages learning every little bit. ( I then ended up going on to get an Internet Computer Science degree! - Geek!) I haven't 'played' with my blog yet because I know I'll spend weeks agonising over the details then within a month or so I'll want to redesign the whole thing!!! Your blog looks great and I love seeing your projects :D