Thursday, October 1, 2009

Art Market at Güero's

Güero's Taco Bar, 1412 South Congress

If you're in Austin, it probably has not escaped your notice that this is the weekend of the Austin City Limits music festival. Love it or hate it, it's another big-ass music event that seems to have become the Austin thing. Of course, along with the primary event comes hundreds of other miscellaneous happenings. South Congress is a natural extension to the ACL Zilker locale, so many of the stores and restaurants have special events and music planned. In the spirit of the weekend, Güero's Taco Bar will be hosting an artist market on their empty lot and live music in the garden.

Some of the artist slated to be out for the event include:
I don't have a complete list or their slots, but I expect it will be a good mix of fabulous goods all made with the capable hands of your fellow Austinites. I'll be at the market all day on Saturday, so come on out to enjoy the music and locale wares. Maybe you'll be able to score some handmade goodness that you didn't even know you needed. It's supposed to be a cool(ish) weekend and absolutely no dust storms are in the forecast, so no excuses for hiding at home. Well, other than the traffic. Oh, and the crowds. Hmmmm. Anyway, hope to see you there!

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