Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tombées du Camion

Old and forgotten, Many batches jewels, pearls, and fashion accessories, exclusive Stocks of given up factories, industrial Series, Funds of draperies in abundance, manufactured Toys of last, Material century of laboratory, Small objects of worship to profusion, Stocks of manufacturers and wholesalers, Memories of the signs of formerly, Treasures artisanal in quantity, Accumulations in any kind, Gadgets historical and traditional, Archaeology of childhood.

It's almost poetic. I think my favorite is "Memories of the signs of formerly." This is the babblefish translation of this site. It looks like the store has gotten quite a bit of press, but it took a great post from Alternative Eagle to make it onto my radar. I've been curious about visiting Paris for a while, but obviously now I have to go. In case you're in town:

Tombées du Camion (Fallen from the truck)
17 rue Joseph de Maistre, 75018 Paris, M°Abbesses ou Blanche

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