Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ruby Lane

Over the past six months I've spent more than a few hours trolling around on this Ruby Lane site. Do you know it? I can't figure the whole thing out. It seems kind of like a high-ish end ebay, but exclusively for antiques. Opening up this site in your browser is the virtual equivalent of walking into any number of the ' junque' barns that litter the roadsides in Maine. Of course, it's lacking the musty smell and visual chaos, but the thrill of the find is still there. The difference for me is that, indeed, I do find fabulous objects, but I'd never pay what they are asking. So, I spend time searching through the fairly vast collection of tins the same way I would go to a mall--as a chance to preview what I may one day find in my thrift store.Out of all the amazing tins I've come across on this site, it's this unassuming work-worn industrial one that I've been most inclined to own. I REALLY want to make one of my slightly naughty belt buckles out of the instruction panel. Since I'd have to charge like $75 for the buckle, it seems less than likely to happen.

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white o'morn cottage said...

Oh how I love all your repurposed stuff. I am an inveterate repurposer...slightly famous on our recycle site where I have repurposed so many things. If you go there looking for my stuff I am known as Unapam and my posts are in the Before and After forum.
I'll be back to see more and get more ideas! thanks...Pam in Ireland