Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I Want Me Some Mini Golf!

The Putting Lot, Bushwick

We'll, we've returned from Maine and I'm far from caught up, but I came across this today in one of my Google Alerts and had to post about it. It neatly encompasses three of my favorite things--art, reuse and mini golf. Even those of you that know me well may be surprised by the third item in that list, but it is true. I love mini golf. I dislike, however, playing it with kids. (They don't take it seriously.) So, even though it's a passion, I rarely play--because it would require involving my kids. When they get to the age where they no longer want to play--that's probably when I'll want to take them with me.

Anyway, I found this article in the Village Voice about these two cool art/lifestyle projects and had to share. The Putting Lot in Bushwick seems to be focused on issues of urban sustainability and Figment's City of Dreams is described as sculpture. Whatever their loftier goals, I admire them both for their basic mini golfness. For years now I've secretly been working on plans for a killer mini golf course. Once I make my millions selling $20 earrings, I'm going to build it. Until then, I'll be keeping track of renegade courses like these for additional ideas.

City of Dreams, Governors Island

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RedeemedByDSign said...

These pics are way to KooL!
Trish! (Hope to see you tonight!)