Monday, August 31, 2009

Handmade Nation Premier

I've been waiting for--literally--a couple of years now to see Handmade Nation. During Stitch in 2006, I was lucky enough to speak with Faythe Levine about her project. I came away from that brief conversation thinking two things. One, I wanted to keep track of the project and two, it was a hell of an undertaking. I'm sure it was even a more daunting task than I imagined, so I'm really glad to see that it's come to fruition. The ironic part of all of this? After waiting this long, I won't actually be able to attend the premier. Doh! The good news though--I WILL be part of the craft bazaar that's happening outside the Alamo Drafthouse during the movie.

Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching and her posse are working on organize several fun events in conjunction with the Handmade Nation tour during their weekend in the ATX. There's a book signing at Domy on Saturday the 5th, two screenings of the movie and the craft bazaar on Sunday the 6th at the Alamo South. The grand finale will be the after party at Austin Handmade. For complete details and times, check out Jenny's post.

September 6, 2009--Noon - 6pm
Craft Bazaar Vendor List

adaptive reuse
* * *
Austin Artisan
Applique Coupon organizers
made from British Wool and Recycled ECO-felt
* * *
Kid's aprons, dresses, appliqued shirts, and onesies
made from vintage, upcycled, and imported fabrics
* * *
Bottle Up and Explode!
Unique and functional bags and purses
* * *
Illustrated Ink
Painted items and paper goods inspired by
"Day of the Dead" and old school tattoo design
* * *
Little Grey Goose
Jointed paper dolls, greeting cards, stationery
* * *
Made with Sweet Love
Sexy latch hook kits
* * *
Model Citizen
Clothing and accessories for good girls and geeks!
* * *
One Creative Girl
Handmade original collages, limited
edition prints, hand-lettered note cards and much more.
* * *
Pomme Frites
Repurposed & handmade hollow books, magnets, pins & candles
* * *
Handmade western-ware with a modern edge
* * *
Squid Ink Collective
Eco-friendly screenprinted apparel, accessories, and art
* * *
Sublime Stitching
Hip Embroidery Patterns, Kits and How-To

Plus there will be demos, demos, demos. Yudu, Wondercraft, Allison Hoffman/Crafty is Cool and Rachel Hobson of Craft: Magazine are all scheduled for appearances.

It's fixin to be one craftalicious day. Be sure to stop by my booth to say hi and register to win a free pair of earrings!

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