Saturday, August 29, 2009

Upcycler of the Month--Community Carbon Project

Okay, I really like these glasses. At first I thought I was looking at the standard cut-off-the-top-and-smooth-the-edges recycling project straight out of the 70s. Kinda ho-hum. Then I realized that the tumbler is actually taller than the original bottle. This caught my attention. The mystery is explained in the article. These bottles are not cut, but heated and reshaped. It's pretty cool. Or, I guess it's really hot, but you know what I mean.

Community Carbon Project
is based in Boulder and seems to be the upcycling arm of their successful art glass studio. They've teamed with area businesses to collect empty glass bottles in order to transform them into thoughtful houseware items. I'm inclined to like them completely. Well, except for that little thing where they have trademarked the term 'upcycle art.' I'm not digging that so much. Hopefully we won't have to duke it out though--they look pretty tough.
Images courtesy of Community Carbon Project website

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