Saturday, July 25, 2009

Unobtained Finds

Sometimes I actually find great things in thrift stores that I don't buy. Hard to believe, I know. This is a piece that is torturing me because it's STILL in the store. Surprising, since things don't sit around for long here. Apparently though, if you stick a $50 price tag on it, thrift shoppers aren't so inclined to drop it in their baskets.
The piece is technically a vintage, cast iron, stamp dispensing machine. Not surprisingly to you perspicacious adaptive reuse followers, I don't really want the machine for stamp dispensing, but in order to disassemble it and use the various intriguing pieces. That said, it might be really cool to figure out a way to make promo stickers that you could dispense from it at shows. Hmmm.

That's probably not going to happen, but each time I make it back by the store it's still there--forcing me to contemplate it yet again. The crabby old women (worthy of a post in and of itself) that run the place haven't contemplated actually reducing the price, so I suspect it will sit there for a while. If you need a stamp machine that dispenses sanitary stamps, you now know where to find it. Please buy it soon so I'll be released from it's good junk gravitational pull.Post Script: Please direct your attention to the cheesy plastic sign at the top edge of the piece. Only a governmental agency could get away with that. Maybe I'll try that at my next show--$10 each or 2 for $25.

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Average Jane Crafter said...

Hey now! My mom volunteers for ALA (not at the counter in the thrift store - she does behind the scenes stuff) but all the gals I've met there have been nice. I can imagine, though, that there are some curmudgeons every once in a while.

The thing with the ALA thrift store is that all the money goes to great causes through the ALA. Like the Operation School Bell, which is a fantastic cause. They bring kids in, year-round, to "shop" for brand new clothes in the shop next to the thrift store. Kids who otherwise wouldn't have new (or any) clothes get to pick out their own brand new clothes, get a back pack, toiletries, shoes, etc. They also operate a toy cart out at Dell and provide comfort items for women who have been sexually assaulted and have to go through the rape kit process.

So - if you decide to shell out the $50, it will be put to very good use. And keep buying from and donating to the ALA thrift store - they do great stuff! Even if some of the counter gals aren't so jovial. ;)

I've just watched my mom work hard and really enjoy all the great things that the ALA does, so feel like I've got to "represent." ;)