Thursday, June 11, 2009

Upcycler of the Month--Gilles Eichenbaum

I wish I could speak French. I would love to know what this gentleman has to say about his work. The company name is Garbage, which I assume is where we get the word, so I further assume that it means the same in French. Obvious from these images, the company traffics in everything but. Seeing these pieces makes me think three things:

1. Wow! I've seen other colander lamps, but Mr. Eichenbaum's work is light years ahead of the Ikea version.

2. Maybe I need better tools. The circle tea pot looks like some sort of laser cutter must have been used. (If not, he's possibly insane.) I'm going to bet on high end toolage. Wonder if I can find a laser cutter on Craigslist? Hmmm.

3. I need to get over my fear of electricity. I've seen a bunch of cool things lately that involve lighting of some sort. It really adds a whole other dimension to a piece. The utilitarian aspect is always enticing to me as well. I've been told that wiring a lamp is no big deal, but I've always been a chicken about it. Maybe I was electrocuted in another life.

Anyway, I've included some of my favorites here, but I encourage you to check out the site. He's doing some really fun and interesting pieces. It will make you think twice before your next sweep through the house to offload to Goodwill. Or the next time your AT Goodwill picking up some goodies.

Also, I LOVE this space. Lots of random metal stuff crammed in an ancient French cellar. How romantic is that!?


red.neck chic said...

I had to tell you that I think you are so "kreative" - so I passed the award to you!!! go check it out on my blog!

And oh my gosh...I would have every one of those lights hanging in my house if I could...LOL

Have a great Thursday!!!
:-) Robelyn

stacy di said...

Really interesting work...his lights are amazing {and there must be some kind of laser involved}

ps. thanks for adding my site to your blog roll :) your site is fantastic!

Mandy said...

Neato! I looked at his site, and he seems like a totally quirky dude. One high-larious thing about the interview with him: the Question says, essentially, "Why 'Garbage?' When people look that up, they'll come across the rock group." And he says, "Yes -- that's why my slogan is 'Your trash has talent' -- that's what differentiates me from them." Oh snap! ;o)

He also says he's definitely an artisan, not an artist -- an artisan works with materials and existing forms, he says; an artist works with ideas.

It's also funny that my "word verification" word in order to leave a comment is "ferions," which in Francais means -- "we will make."

Make away! Great blog! ;o)

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to you all for those fair comments! And I swear... No laser under all this, just my little hands & fingers!

Gilles / Garbage