Thursday, May 14, 2009


I've lived in Texas for years now, so it really shouldn't still surprise me that trees can have blossoms that are the size of my head. But it really still does. This magnolia is from the less-than-healthy tree that resides across the street in the church yard. The church is supposedly dissolving and, I assume, selling. Lately I've been wondering about that change of hands. In the spirit of reuse, I think it would make a great community or city rec center. Last I checked, however, the City couldn't properly fund the maintenance of current rec centers, let alone add more to their rosters. Other than the huge economic downturn, (oh, and our squeaky neighborhood) there's nothing to stop a big ol' condo from going in. I'm not necessarily against big ol' condos, but I am curious if puny trees with head-size blossoms will survive the progress. I realized today I would miss this raggedy tree that is somehow still powerful enough to produce this impossible bloom.

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Anonymous said...

The picture of that beautiful flower you took looks like a painting. How pretty.