Friday, May 8, 2009

Feeler Gauge

Yep, it's a feeler gauge. It sounds much sexier than it really is. Well, unless crawling around inside an internal combustion engine is your thing.

This little tool is apparently indispensable to anyone intimately involved with a spark plug. I couldn't possibly give an accurate description, so I'll capitalize on the endless information available on the interweb and direct your attention here.

It might have been a better contest if I had directed myself to the interweb to look up the dang Craftsman part number before I posted. I guess I just figured that the tool was pretty old (heck, it's made in the USA!) so it didn't even occur to me to bother to look. Oh well. I'll do better next time.

It did, however, occur to me to search for feeler gauges in general which let me to this cool image:

These have definite potential for some sort of adaptive reusing, so I'm going to continue to keep my eyes peeled for them on my thrifting jaunts.

Thanks to all of you who sent in the correct answer and for the funny and creative guesses. The orthodontist one brought back way too many bad memories. Oh, and thanks to my friend John for immediately knowing what this was. (Though apparently I could have asked just about anyone other than my mom!) He's my go-to-guy on all things guy. (But don't tell my husband that!)


Anonymous said...

Well, not ALL things guy... ;>

Beth H said...

funny! i had no idea what this was. i don't work on engines much.

Lettie said...

Christmas ornaments -- paint Chinese fan motifs on em