Thursday, April 2, 2009

Maybe We're Okay

So today I deconstructed this cool little Relic® tin. When I picked it up in the thrift store I wasn't paying attention to the lid. It's got one of those designs where one piece of metal is formed to fit into the lid so that the whole lid seals the tin from the inside. That's confusing, I know. The only thing that matters for the purposes of this discussion is that this lid is made up of two pieces of metal. I've previously posted about lots of vintage English tins that have similarly designed lids. With a few of those, I've been pleasantly surprised with more printed tin on this insert.

In that post I make the assumption that even though at one point in our history we reused these misprinted or overprinted pieces of metal, it seemed unlikely to me that manufacturers were still following that practice. I'm posting now to set the record straight. Apparently, at least one manufacturer of tin still reuses these cast offs. I tiny bit of good news.

Of course, now I want to find some of these Wondercocoa tins. I love this odd coppery and chocolate color combination.

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