Monday, March 23, 2009

Found on Etsy--Tin Upcyclers

I've been working on all sorts of things lately, but one thing that seems to be taking lots of time is getting pieces listen on Etsy. Of course, when you're on their site, it's almost impossible to NOT take a peek at some of the cool stuff showing there. I'm going to attempt a weekly post highlighting some of the other sellers that spark my interest. This week it seems appropriate to start with some other people who work with tins.

Harriete Estel Berman: As far as I know, this is the grande dame of tin. Collected by galleries for years, she's decided to also test the Etsy waters with some affordable pieces. These are a few in her shop currently.

Of course, she also has this piece listed at $32,000, so apparently, she's testing the boundaries of the Etsy marketplace. I would love to be able to see this sculpture in person. I'm completely perplexed by how she is able to make these astounding objects. To see the full range of her remarkable talent, be sure to check out the website:

Ms Berman is decidedly a hard act to follow, but I'm undaunted. Here are two other sellers that have really interesting work.

Shixie doesn't work exclusively in tin, but I happen to love when she does. These little Mini Dress earrings seem to be all the rage on Etsy right now--and rightly so. . .

This is just a fabulous design. How perfect is it that the ear wire is the clothing hanger!? Brilliant!

's pieces show a great eye for color and pattern. I am just so in love with this necklace and her rings are wonderful in that way that only simple things are wonderful. If any of you have followed this blog, you might remember my take on simplicity . . .

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