Monday, October 20, 2008

Re-Maker Faire

Yet more proof that Austin is one of the best places in the country to live. If you're not familiar with Make magazine or the Maker Faire (I don't know why there's an 'e' either) you should spend 5 minutes checking them both out. The Faire had a green theme this year, which seems a little unnecessary from what I can tell. There are tons of people making any number of interesting things and I can't think of anything that looks like it started with new parts.

There were too many cool things at the faire to comment on all of them, so let me just throw out a few of the highlights--Tesla coil lightning music, flaming, flipping, fighting robots and real live droids. About half-way through the day my 7-year-old said "This is WAAAY cooler than the State Fair." Nuff said.

There are about 100 other things worth commenting on, but I assume that has already happend on thousands of other blogs. The only other thing I wanted to mention here was the cool Maker Kids tent sponsored by the Austin Children's Museum. Lots of cool stuff, but not much could top the garbage and hot glue sculpture.If we had let them, the kids would have stayed here for two hours gluing random stuff to the massive, chaotic structure. We had to go out a couple of days later to pick up our own hot glue guns.

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