Monday, September 22, 2008


Wow, I just have to post about this on my blog, too. I saw Margaux Lange's shout out to her friend on her birthday and was instructed to look at the birthday girl's website. So, being the tractable Google readerer I am, I clicky-clicked. You should too. This probably does not fall into the realm of reuse, but it definitely works for repurposed. I'm stunned. First by the shear beauty and then by the thought of what I'm actually looking at.

These are the sorts of things I see and think, "Why didn't I think of that?" And I don't mean in the, "God, my 4 year old could do that" sense. I mean like, "Of course--the forced regularity of a zipper, coupled with the interesting juxtaposition of materials--it's ripe for rethinking" sense. It's possible that since the zipper has been a minor nemesis of mine during past sewing forays, it might follow that I never thought any more about zippers than absolutely necessary.

All that aside, I am just really smitten with these. I've been trying to identify what I'm most attracted to. Is it the the re-imagining or the articulation? Obviously, it's hard to separate the two. I think the pieces I like the most are very geometric (surprise!!) and therefore, very mathematical. It's never really occurred to me before just how drawn I am to the underlying math of things. I like order and pattern and sequence. I guess I knew this, but didn't ever make the connection back to *gasp* math. Anyway, these pieces are, for me, beautiful math. Why couldn't we have done something like this in geometry class?

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