Monday, September 22, 2008

Random Estate Sale

I was out running errands on Saturday and saw some estate sale signs. The first 2 sets I passed up, but by the third set my will was broken. I reasoned that I would only run through and look for tins. How long could that take, right? Amazingly enough, I really did spend only 5 minutes there, but I have to say, the reel to reel tape deck ($2500) that was the size of a small child, the oscilloscope ($150) and the two full tables of random vintage electronic testing equipment piqued my interest. Not about the equipment per se, but about the owner. That's a whole 'nother post, however. The point of this story is that I found this awesome tin. It's exactly the kind of tin that I have grown to love and to hate. Love it because, obviously, it's pretty. Hate it because -- it's pretty. Should I cut it up? Is it even a challenge to make appealing things out of such gorgeous raw materials? Is it really upcycling to take a perfectly good object and transform it into something else? This is akin to my Fossil tin dilemma. Any thoughts?

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